sell your apartment

Because we have elected to focus exclusively on property management, we intentionally don't sell real estate ourselves.

But in every suburb, we have carefully selected one or two agents that our clients have used in the past with great results.  We would be very pleased to pass your contact information on to these quality-controlled agents - with no obligation. Email with your property details and contact information.

Even better, if you have an apartment in one of the buildings we entirely manage that you would like to sell, it makes complete sense for you discuss the sale with us.

We are based in the building 24/7 and we know everything there is to know about the building. When a prospective buyer expresses interest, we can give them a 24/7 service and answer any of their questions about the building.

We know your existing tenants and can collaboratively work with them to show your apartment to its greatest advantage.

All this extra effort by us will speed up your sale.

To find out more about using us to help sell your unit, contact

buy an investment apartment

Our entire focus is on renting apartments for investor owners.  Because we intentionally don't sell real estate ourselves, we are not conflicted and can give you unbiased assistance when you are buying.

Buying investor apartments can be an overwhelming experience.  There is usually so much to choose from!  Since we have specialized in property management rather than real estate, we can give you our free opinion on what is looking good in the market at present; including rental appraisals.

We also work closely with some of the other professions like conveyancers, building inspectors, body corporate searchers, insurers and valuers.  We would be pleased to pass on contact particulars for these quality-controlled professionals, carefully chosen from all the ones we have had dealings with, to make your purchase trouble-free. 

Of course, once you purchase, we would love to discuss managing your valuable new asset for you.

We manage the entire operation of several inner-Brisbane apartment buildings and usually have a range of bed and bath counts on the market.  We can usually be quite flexible on when we show you units as we have staff in the buildings 24/7.

If  you are an investor, we have an even better arrangement for you because we can also let your apartments for you. It makes a lot of sense to have us manage your letting because we are on-site all the time in case some issue comes up.

To find out more about using us to buy an apartment unit, contact